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One of our main objectives is to bring local meats to our area chefs.

Whether your request is for grass fed, grain fed, BBQ pig or Lamb, or a Suckling pig ;if we don’t have it we will source it out for you.

Sprucedale Quality Meats is working towards obtaining the meat you require at our location

Feel free to set a time to come to our plant and meet our team to discuss your unique personal butcher needs.

All animals are processed at our provincially inspected plant #159.

CONTACT US to make an order.

Our Products 

If there is something not listed above that you require please let us know!


Fresh Ham Bone-in, Fresh Ham Boneless (rind on or off) Fresh Belly
Full Loin French Loin Ribs On
French Loin Spareribs
Crown Roast Backribs
Boneless Loin Fresh Shoulder Bone-in, Fresh Ham Boneless (rind on or off)
Tenderloin Pork Cubs or Kabobs
Groub Pork Jowls/Hocks/Tail/Feet/Liver/Tounge/Bones
Pork Sausage  

Smoked Ham Bone-in Black Forest Ham - whole or sliced
Back Bacon Smoked Loin
Double Smoked Bacon - whole or sliced Smoked Pork Hocks or Pig Tails

Pickled Cottage Rolls Peameal - whole or sliced


Suckling Pig 15 – 25 lbs

BBQ Pig - any size


Long Loin Striploin Ground Beef or Patties
Short Loin Full Sirloin Brisket
Hip of Beef (Bone-in or Boneless) Top Rounds Flank Steak
Prime Rib Back Ribs Cub Steak
Rib Eye Braising Ribs / Short Ribs Sausage (Breakfast or Farmers)
Tenerloin Stew Beef or Kabob Soup Bones
Oxtail Liver/Heart/Tounge/Kidneys  



Fresh Free Range Chicken  
Fresh Free Range Turkeys  
Fresh Free Range Cornish Hens  



Whole Lamb Crown of Lamb
Half Lamb Lamb Loin
Leg of Lamb (Bone-in or Boneless) Ground Lamb
Lamb Shoulder (Bone-in or Boneless) Lamb Stew
Rack of Lamb Lamb Shanks
French Rack of Lamb Lamb Sausage


Goat and Rabbit available upon request.


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